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For Workers

Steps for self-capture verification:
  • Sign Up with VMN
  • Receive OTP (one time password) to confirm your registration
  • Login to VMN (via SMS and Email)
  • Update your profile

For Employers

Steps for employer portal:
  • Sign Up with VMN
  • Select corporate/domestic employer
  • Receive login details and employer code via email
  • Login into VMN to request verifications


  • I am the H.R Director of a micro-finance bank with multiple branches across the country. We sacked one of our tellers for perpetual cash shortage and unaccountablity. Six months after, we had a regional meeting in one of our branches in the eastern part of Nigeria where I saw this same teller working for us. She had changed her name and her entire biometric and demographic data, hence she was treated as a new hire. Thanks to the VerifyMe H.R Solution, this act of worker malpractice will never happen again within our organization

    HR HR Director, Micro-finance Bank
  • I engaged the services of a cook shortly after, the cook poisoned my family and his motive was robbery. We were hospitalised and later found out that the cook was working for another employer in the same estate, where he was also poisoning them. I wished I had used the VerifyMe Verfication services which have prevented this repititious crime. With VerifyMe Employment History Reporting and Verification Solution, we could have stopped this wicked act

    Anonymous Victoria Garden City resident

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