For the three stories in the previous post, if there were proper verifications and a work history report assessed by the employers, there would have been informed choices on whether to hire them or not. Here is where VerifyMe Nigeria plays a vital role: a worker’s previous employment information is made available to a potential employer, who at willing discretion, is able to decide if to hire or not based on available data. The so-called worker would have had his/her information securely captured on VerifyMe Nigeria’s database and such information is only accessed using a specific Verifie Worker Number (VWN). Equally, the worker’s previous employers leave feedback based on performance and attitude before disengagement, allowing potential employers to review such feedbacks.

Two key solutions:
1.Effective Worker Verification; using technology to achieve transparency
2.Exceptional Work History Reporting; over a simplified channel
With worker verification as a tool, every worker under any establishment from households to apprentice shops to corporate organizations or governmental parastatals, has his/her data captured seamlessly into the VerifyMe Nigeria’s platform. This information is a made available on-demand to employers of labour for fact-checking purposes and job placements.

This verification usually includes biometric data capture, background checks, credentials and biodata verification of workers. It is a very effective strategy to proactively curb workplace crime.
With a verified worker, an employer is rest assured of effective service delivery and less crime rate.

The introduction of effective work history reporting accurately reports workers’ employment history. This service monitors individual work history within various establishments, worker engagement and disengagement, leave, birthdays and anniversaries and provides this information on-demand to present or future employers.
VerifyMe Nigeria, with its solutions to guard against workplace crime, offers an advantageous redefinition of the typical Nigerian workforce. Transparency is ensued, integrity is assured and optimum service delivery is justified.
VerifyMe Nigeria’s goal is to achieve a Nigeria where every worker’s information in every establishment is securely entered with technology and as such, this information, made available for the betterment and furtherance of transparent workforce.